Student Ambassador Program

Student Ambassador Program

As a Student Ambassador you will actively help to promote Volunteers Without Borders with the aim of creating awareness to the community, friends, family, fellow students and teachers. Volunteers Without Borders needs your help in increasing the number of international volunteers we send each year. This is how you can contribute to the program:

  • Creating and participating contests, and/or fundraisers
  • Helping utilize different avenues using social media ie) Pintrest, Twitter, Facebook
  • Postings on University Websites and boards in/around the community
  • Giving speeches to Student Clubs, teams, classes, friends, or fellow students
  • Set up promotional booths on campus (material for booth can be provided)
  • Anything else creative you would enjoy doing


As a Student Ambassador you will significantly develop your marketing, communications and social media skills. While participating in this program, you will gain valuable volunteer experience with a reputable organization accompanied by a reference/reference letter if needed. You will also get the chance to become an international volunteer by choosing one of our many available projects to volunteer abroad on. We want to reward those who are the most passionate and dedicated to our cause and present them with a journey of a lifetime. If you are able to help us recruit international volunteers during your efforts, here's what you have to look forward to:

  • Recruit 3 volunteers: No Enrollment Fee
  • Recruit 5 volunteers: No Enrollment Fee + 50 % off the Program Fee
  • Recruit 10 volunteers: No Enrollment Fee + 75 % off the Program Fee
  • Recruit 10+ volunteers: No Enrollment Fee + 100 % off the Program Fee  

Preparation & Support

To ensure your success as our Student Ambassador, you will be provided with valuable tools to help promote the opportunity to others. During the program, we can provide you with the following material(s):

  • Bookmarks
  • Promotional Flyers
  • Bristol/Information board
  • Promotional Booth Ideas
  • Contact with our Fundraising Coordinator for support and guidance


If this program interests you or you have any additional questions, feel free to send us an email at: