A lifechanging experience while volunteering in Ecuador

Aline ecuador 1.JPG

Hello, My name is Aline Wolf, I am from France. I decided to become a volunteer with VWB International and travel to Ecuador in 2018 for the entire month of august to experience Social Labor with Children. I lived with a local Ecuadorian family, and enjoyed many delicious meals together. It was an interesting journey because I had the opportunity to discover the country with their landscapes, the culture and Ecuadorian specialties. I met some amazing people like the sisters at the orphanage I worked at, the family I was living with, other volunteers and the local Ecuadorian people who helped me when I did not understand things and were always available and present for me anytime. They all were so generous and made me feel comfortable. As for the volunteering in the orphanage, the memories will stay with me forever because it was extraordinary being with all this kids who solely ask for love. The language of love was expressed in such simple was by just playing with them or teaching them a little of English (or Spanish for those who were 3 - 5 years old).  Thank you for the experience and everything provided, you are all doing an incredible and important job!