10 Photos That Remind Us Why Volunteers Are The Best People In The World


When they’re forging connections and building valuable relationships around the world, what’s not to love about a group of people who choose to spend their time helping others? There’s no way to begin to quantify how volunteers make a difference in our world, but there they are, still putting in the work! These amazing people, spreading joy and compassion, deserve to be recognized for their amazing volunteer experience.

Here are ten photos of volunteering highlights from 2016 GoAbroad participants, coupled with ten reasons why people should volunteer abroad and all the reasons why we love volunteers so. Darn. Much. After all, they make the world go ‘round, don’t they?


1. Volunteers make the little things count.


Tasks that may seem minuscule or “too small to make a difference” actually have the opposite effect. Volunteers help improve areas around the world by completing any and every task, from mending fences and picking up trash to painting a community building or filling a classroom with necessary supplies. How volunteers make a difference is by recognizing no task is too small or insignificant.


2. Volunteers teach people ways to take care of themselves and their homes.


Education is a huge component of volunteering abroad. By providing people with essential physical and mental tools for success, volunteers create an educational foundation that communities around the world can utilize forever. Another one of the many reasons to volunteer abroad, and why we love international volunteers.
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